Yuno Kashima
Yuno Wars 17
Media Info
Japanese 鹿島 ユノ
Translation Kashima Yuno
Game Debut Danball Senki Wars
Anime Debut Episode 01 (Wars)
Appears in Game, Anime, TCG, Manga
Voice Actor Kanako Nomura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Affiliation(s) Jenock Fourth Platoon
LBX: Siren
Dot Phasor

Yuno Kashima (鹿島 ユノ Kashima Yuno) is a player from the Fourth Platoon in Danball Senki Wars.


Yuno has brown hair and light green eyes. She wears a dark blue uniform with a skirt and a bow. She seems to has a liking toward sweets.


Arrival on the Battlefield

She first appears in Episode 1. She watched the new arrivals, Arata Sena and Hikaru Hoshihara, as they venture into Second World.

In Episode 2, She introduced herself to Arata and Hikaru as the vice president of class 2-5 and showed them around the Island and the way to their dorms, the Duck Manor. During War Time she kept guard at certain main points in Escorting the Freight Train. When Arata's DC Offenser was about to be destroyed, she helped him and wanted as thanks a chocolate parfait at Café Swallow.


Clear mission Teicho Factory Area (テイキョウ工場地帯) capture to unlock her.

When recruiting Yuno, she will have the following information:

Hissatsu Functions

Danball Senki Wars


  • She's the class vice president for class 2-5.

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