Yoshimitsu Kaidou
Yoshimitsu's public face
Media Info
Japanese 海道義光
Translation Kaidou Yoshimitsu
Dub Name Cillian Kaido
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 03
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Yuzuru Fujimoto
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Jin Kaidou (adoptive grandson)
Occupation LBX Player
Leader of Innovator
Member of Parliament
Affiliation(s) N-City Government,br>Innovator
LBX: Gekkoumaru

Yoshimitsu Kaidou (海道義光 Kaidou Yoshimitsu) is the cabinet minister of the parliament, CEO of the Kaidou Conglomerate, and head of the Innovator. He is also the adoptive grandfather of Jin Kaidou.


Season 1

On the outside, Yoshimitsu Kaidou appears as a noble governmental figure towards the world. His true self is an ambitious character for world domination by monopolizing profitable attempts to create his own kingdom. He will any means to obtain his goal, regardless of civilian casualties and will not hesitate to push the blame towards others if failure arises.

At the Tokyo Bridge collapse incident, Yoshimitsu protects Jin Kaido from the media and adopts him into his family. It is not shown how much sincerity he puts while raising Jin, as the caring side was nothing more than a facade compared to his true character.

After the 2050 Artemis tournament, he stands proudly in his hotel room with the successful theft of the Platinum Capsule and the Methanus GX CPU. He was confronted by Eiji Yagami questioning about the forceful methods for stealing the items, leading Yoshimitsu to believe Yagami was no longer useful on account of his rebelllious speech. Later after Yagami leaves the room, he was shot by Ren Hiyama (in the anime), with his identity replaced by an android.

Season 2 (W)

In Episode 46, he was shown in a flashback where Junichirou Yamano narrates his time in his abduction by the Innovators to the rest of the NICS team.

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