Media Info
Japanese ヤマネコ
Translation Yamaneko
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 32
Episode 28 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Miho Hino
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Genius Hacker, LBX player
Affiliation(s) Akihabara Hacker Corps
LBX: Red Ribbon
Bloody Ribbon (Detector)

'Yamaneko' (ヤマネコ Yamaneko) is the leader of the Hacker Corps in Akihabara, and Ban's supporters in Danball Senki.


He has short grey hair and black eyes. He is quite small and wears the Hacker Corps uniform that consists a black jacket with golden lines with the A symbol and a white shirt with a black tie. He also wears red pants and brown shoes.


He is shown that he can be very statisfied when it comes to LBX battles, almost sure that he can win it. He also seems to be very bossy, as he boss his partners around. However, he seems to very loyal to Ban Yamano as he became the king and the Hacker Corps are loyal to the king and nobody else as Yamaneko stated.


He first appeared in Episode 32 seen in the Akihabara Kingdom tournament, also participating in it. He easily beat Meteo Train in the first round, qualifying his team into the second round.

In the second round of the Akihabara Kingdom tournament, his team fought against Ban Yamano's team. He alongside Gunsou fought against Hanzou Gouda's Hakai-O Z and Daiki Sendou's Nightmare. Yamaneko used Red Ribbon in his battle against Daiki and Gouda. However, he and Gunsou lost the second battle, eliminating their team from the tournament.

After Ban won the king title, Yamaneko stated that he, along with his team, will be loyal to them as Ban was their king. Ban asked to help him and his friends to get the code from the Infinity Net by hacking into the system. His team worked together and were able to get 99.00% by hacking the system. However, they still needed one more data and Yamaneko sent Red Ribbon into the Infinity Net. Red Ribbon was able to get the data by sacrifacing itself. The LBX itself wasn't able to make it, so Red Ribbon threw the data outside the storm, trapping the LBX inside.

He was later asked to help the others to protect Tiny Orbit from the invading LBXs from Innovator. His team were in the front line of the defense and destroyed many LBX's as possible to protect Tiny Orbit. The mission succeeded as the LBXs were destroyed, however, the data was stolen by a member of Tiny Orbit.

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