Varzodas DS 44 4
Media Info
Japanese: ヴァルゾダース
Translation: Varuzodāsu
Dub name: Brimstone Storm
Game debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 44
Type: Ex hissatsu icon Knuckle weapon icon
Attack power: 400
Range: Close Close range icon
Elements: Shock element icon Shock
Fire element icon Fire
Attained: Ifreet LBXSet icon

Varzodas (ヴァルゾダース Varusodāsu) is one of Ifreet's exclusive attack functions in the Danball Senki series.



While glowing in a crimson aura, Ifreet charges up its energy, chanelling them into its fitst. Then Ifreet burst dashes to the opponent, delivering furious charged punches.


Lex activated Varzodas in his battle against Ban and his LBX, Odin. Ifreet boosted towards Odin and punched its Beam Guarder, destroying it, and went behind Odin and punched Odin several times, with its last punch sending Odin into the ceiling. Odin then used Gungnir and Ifreet easily dodged the attack.

Function sequence


  • Because Ifreet was an orignal model handcrafted by Lex himself, this function and Prominence Raid are only available in-game during the boss battle.

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