Val Sparos
Val Sparos Full
Model Info
Japanese: バル・スパロス
Romaji: Baru Suparosu
Frame Type: Knight Frame
LBX Type: High-Mobility
Arnaments: Multi Gimmick Sack
Owner: Hikaru Hoshihara
Kaito Fuujin
Hayato Matatagi (Ranking Battle)
Affiliation/s: Jenock
Game Debut: Danball Senki Wars
Anime Debut: Episode 04 (Wars)
Appears in Anime, Game, Bandai Plastic Models

Val Sparos (バル・スパロス Baru Suparosu) is the LBX used by Hikaru Hoshihara and Kaito Fuujin in Danball Senki Wars.


Along with Dot Phasor and Orvane, they were sent by an unknown maker and delivered to Jenock's First Platoon, where Hikaru Hoshihara uses it among the rest of the story. Later, it was painted purple and given to Kaito Fuujin to use.

Attack Functions


  • Multi Gimmick Sack: Val Sparos's arms backpack.
    • Fumma Kodachi (風魔小太刀):
    • Fuuma Shuriken (風魔手裏剣):

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