A List of all the LBX Tournaments; official and miscellaneous in the Danball Senki series.

Official Tournaments

  • Artemis (アルテミス): The official worldwide LBX tournament for all LBX player champions.
  • Akihabara Kingdom (アキハバラキングダム): An annual tournament held in Akihabara, Japan. The winner will receive the title of "King" of Akihabara, gaining authoritative command over the Hacker Corps.
  • BC Extras (BCエキストラズ): An LBX Cosplay Tournament held in Big City, Nation-A.

Underground Tournaments

  • Angra Visdas (アングラビシダス): An underground tournament held under the Blue Cats Cafe.
  • Angra Texas (アングラテキサス): The same non-regulated tournament as the Angra Visdas held in Texas, Nation-A.

Game-Exclusive Tournaments

  • Ranking Battle (ランキングバトル): Play your way through the top to become number 1.
  • Under Ranking Battle (裏ランキングバトル): After clearing the Ranking Battle in BOOST, clear you way through to become number 1 in the LBX Battling Underworld.
  • Artemis Legend (アルテミスレジェンド): A Baku BOOST exclusive tournament of the Artemis with greater rewards.

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