Tougorou Kamiya
Tougorou kamiya
Media Info
Japanese 神谷 藤吾郎
Translation Kamiya Tougorou
Dub Name Togor Kole
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 05
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Shinya Fukumatsu
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Relatives Kousuke Kamiya (son)
Occupation Kamiya Craft Main Director
Affiliation(s) Innovator

Tougorou Kamiya (神谷 藤吾郎) is the main director for Kamiya Craft, and Yoshimitsu Kaidou's right hand man in Danball Senki.




Togoru is introduced with his fellow associates Yoshimitsu Kaidou and Muneto Sawamura who are pleased with the results of Jackal's ability with his company, Kamiya Craft's newest invention: LBX Assassin and discuss the plans to assassinate the Prime Minister.

After Jackal's failure, he returns to Kamiya Craft where he manipulates Heiji Kirishima into working with him based on his personal experiences with Tiny Orbit. Tougorou promises Heiji that his successful efforts would allow him to easily revive Asuka Manufacturing. After he leaves, Tougorou meets fellow Innovator Eiji Yagami and his Black Agents. He advises his comrade to treat Professor Yamano with courtesy and care, similar to his manipulations of Heiji. As his conversation with Eiji continues, he receives an alarm that Ban Yamano and his allies have infiltrated Angel Star. He responds positively to the news and orders his employees to release Deqoos in the air ducts to attack Achilles, Kunoichi, and Hunter, only to send out a powerful LBX once his adversaries overcome his troops. Humorously, he denies Shouko, Heita, and Masashi the opportunity to debut their Deqoo Ace and Deqoo Kai in battle.

Kamiya reveals he sent out LBX Inbit, and watching alongside his Innovator allies as it gains the upper hand against the three infiltrators. After they temporarily, Tougorou assumes that they will not be able to get past his LBX and ignores Yagami's warnings to not underestimate Ban or his allies. He scoffs off their attempts at teammwork, only to watch in shock as the trio use their LBX to target the weak spot in Inbit's programming, it's camera, stopping Inbit from detecting anyone and they move ahead. Frustrated, he leaves with Yagami, planning to stall for time while he tells his workers to send more Deqoos as an distraction. His workers inform him of the intruder’s successes, but he lies to Eiji about Junichiro’s true location once he notices the trio are using their LBX to spy on him. He concocts another plan, fabricate that Ban, Ami, and Kazu are Tiny Orbit spies infiltrating Kamiya Craft to steal their confidential information similar to what happened with Kirishima and his company and manipulate him to attack the kids. This works, and Heiji falls to his manipulations much to his glee. However, Achilles and co’s evasion tactics upset him, demanding Ishideus to destroy Achilles quickly. An upset Tougorou demands what LBX arrived on the battle. Sometime before Heiji was defeated, he left with Eiji on a helicopter to retreat to an Innovator base.