Tokio bridge collapse memorial

The tablet memorial of the "tragedy"

The Tokio Bridge Collapse Incident (トキオブリッジ倒壊事故 Tokio Burijji Tokai Jikou) is a background tragedy event occurred 9 years before the recent events of Danball Senki.


In the year 2041, the Tokio Bridge (トキオブリッジ) was heavily collapsed was under a rainy weather causing sever number of casualties that included Eiji Yagami's family and Jin Kaidou's real parents. Reasons of the collapse were due to heavy expense pressure due to cut corners and bridge bearings placed below regulation standards.

In the aftermath, the construction company that were responsible were arrested and an apology conference commenced. Yoshimitsu Kaidou, who was the cabinet minister of the Advanced Development went around to privately apologized to each of the victim's families. But it was later revealed throughout the story, that Yoshimitsu Kaidou was the true perpetrator of the incident after Eiji Yagami thoroughly reinvestigated in Episode 27.

In the present time of Danball Senki, a tablet memorial was built near the end of the arch.

List of casualities


  • The events of the incident are more portrayed in the anime, rather than the original game.

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