The Empress
Model Info
Japanese: ジ・エンプレス
Romaji: Ji Emperesu
Frame Type: Strider Frame LBX
Brand Maker: Yamano Handmade
Arnaments: Aphrodite Hammer weapon icon
Owner: Junichirou Yamano (Ranking Battle)
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Appears in Game

The Empress (ジ・エンプレス Ji Emperesu) is a special Yamano-Handmade LBX introduced in the Danball Senki game. It was used by only by Professor Yamano in a Ranking Battle.


The Empress, resembles the head of Pandora and with the body frame of The Emperor.It has same color and designs as Achilles.


  • This LBX is said to be an enchanced version of Pandora. Developed by the given Pandora blueprint of Yuusuke Uzaki.
  • Its body frame was based from The Emperor with a hybrid shape between knight frame and strider frame.


  • Aphrodite (聖鎚アフロディーテ):


  • Supposed to be named as "The Magician" according to its design, but later changed.

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