Tetsuo Kameyama
Kameshima tetsuo
Media Info
Japanese 亀山テツオ
Translation Kameyama Tetsuo
Dub Name Tank Middleton
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 02
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Gou Shinomiya
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Affiliation(s) Student, LBX player
LBX: Nazuu

Tetsuo Kameyama is a member of Hanzou Gouda's gang.


Tetsuo first appears leaving the Kitajima Model Shop alongside Riko Yazawa, Kinji Shikano, and Gouda Hanzou as they leave successfully swindling Saki Kitajima out of the armor frame for Achilles. Later that day, he and Riko intercept Ban Yamano, Ami Kawamura, and Ryuu Daikouji, prepared thanks to Kinji informing them before they appear, telling the trio to go back to the classroom. With Nazu, he poses with his team much to their opponent’s exasperation. His Nazu attacks Ami’s Kunoichi rising from the water. Cooperating with Riko, he assaults Ryuu’s Buld and eventually destroys him. Using his knowledge of the terrain, he avoids Ami’s attack. Unfortunately, Tetsuo’s attempts to dodge from the air result in his defeat as Ban and AX-00 anticipate his jump and eliminates his Nazu by throwing their staff. He’s berated by his teammates for his loss and retreats with them after they lose to Hanzou’s hideout.