Takuya Uzaki
Takuya uzaki 001
Media Info
Japanese 宇崎 拓也
Translation Uzaki Takuya
Dub Name Tyler Osgood
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 05
Appears in Game, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor Yuuichi Nakamura
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Relatives Yuusuke Uzaki (older brother)
Occupation Founder of the Seekers
Former Head of Tiny Orbit's R&D
Tiny Orbit CEO
Affiliation(s) Seeker
Tiny Orbit
LBX: Hornet

Takuya Uzaki (宇崎 拓也) is a supporting character in the Danball Senki series. He is the younger brother of Yuusuke Uzaki, and is the founder of the Seekers.


Together with Ren Hiyama, he once worked as an assistant of Junichirou Yamano. He carries a resentment towards Yoshimitsu Kaidou due to a scheme that killed his father. He founded the Seekers group on that basis.


Season 1

He first appears in episode 5 asking Ban, Kazu, and Ami to help stop an assassin aiming for the newly-elected prime minister, Sousuke Zaizen. To prove they are on the same side, he gives Kazu a new LBX named Hunter. After the kids stop Jackal from assassinating the prime minister, he and Ren tell the three about Professor Yamano being alive, and recruit them into their group against the Innovators. During episodes seven and eight, he and Ren withhold information to them about the whereabouts of Ban's father. However, Lex noticed that the kids may have realized that and went to save them during their assault on Angel Star. Despite their arrival, Professor Yamano had already been taken to another location. He tells Ban, Ami, and Kazu that they found out that Angel Star was where Professor Yamano was being held, but they were planning to sneak in with more information and planning much to their dismay.

As a frequent visitor of Blue Cats and Tiny Orbit's Development Department head, he often appears during the course of the story helping out Ban and co. with the development of new LBXs and briefs on the Seeker's plans.

In W episode 6, Tiny Orbit was facing stock crashes due to the LBX invasion and he’s at risk of resignation. Around the same time, Tiny Orbit is bought out by Crystar Ingram, who places Kawamura Muneto, a former Innovator member in charge of the company much to his shock. As he leaves, his assistant, Sue Karino promises to handle the rest in his absence. The same day, he meets with Yagami where the two dicuss Crystar Ingram and Omega Dain having a connection. Yagami then asks him to go a secret mission.

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