Storm Sword
Storm Sword Wars 25 HQ 8
Media Info
Japanese: ストームソード
Translation: Sutōmu Sōdo
Dub name: Storm Slash
Game debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 20
Episode 25 (Wars)
Type: Hissatsu icon Sword weapon icon
Attack power: 207
Range: Close range icon Close
Elements: Slash element icon Slash, Thunder element icon Thunder
Chance guage: Chance gauge icon 3
Attained: Sword weapon icon Skill Level 8
Sword weapon icon Skill Level 14 (W)

Storm Sword (ストームソード Sutommu Soddo) is a sword-type attack function introduced in the Danball Senki series.


Danball Senki Wars

It first appeared in Wars in Episode 25. It was used by Hikaru Hoshihara's Val Diver and managed to destory Gordo with it.



Danball Senki Wars

Function sequence

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