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Stanfiel Ignot

The 'Stanfiel Ingot' (スタンフィール・インゴット Sutanfirru Ingotto) is a rare metal that’s manufactured for use in large spacecrafts in the Danball Senki W universe.


A highly valuable resource that makes it a rare metal among all rare metals, thereby hard to sell in the markets. The alloy was originally mined from China, and Nation-A bought most of it for the construction of Paradise.


The metal will be utilized as the modern core box used for the development of AX-000, as the alloy's high resistance can withstand the emitted heat of the miniature Eternal Cycler as its core.

In W-Episode 49, the mission's assembled team consisted of Ban, Ran, Hiro, Asuka and Cobra. Circumstances arose within the refineries, as the mining staff were helpless against the ghost-jacked LBXs. After Ban and the others managed to defeat them, the mining staff rewarded them the ingot despite their manager refused to hand in due to no official agreement contract document.


  • In the game's storyline, Ban and friends had to fight an army of ghost-jacked LBXs and Vectors to succeed the retrieval mission.