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Stanfiel Ignot

The 'Stanfiel Ingot' (スタンフィール・インゴット Sutanfirru Ingotto) is a rare metal that’s manufactured for use in large spacecrafts in the Danball Senki W universe.


A highly valuable resource that makes it a rare metal among all rare metals, thereby hard to sell in the markets. The alloy was originally mined from China, and Nation-A bought most of it for the construction of Paradise.


The metal will be utilized as the modern core box used for the development of AX-000, as the alloy's high resistance can withstand the emitted heat of the miniature Eternal Cycler as its core.

In W-Episode 49, the mission's assembled team consisted of Ban, Ran, Hiro, Asuka and Cobra. Circumstances arose within the refineries, as the mining staff were helpless against the ghost-jacked LBXs. After Ban and the others managed to defeat them, the mining staff rewarded them the ingot.


  • In the game's storyline, Ban and friends had to fight an army of ghost-jacked LBXs and Vectors to succeed the retrieval mission.

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