Sousuke Zaizen
Zaizen sousuke 001
Media Info
Japanese 財前 宗助
Translation Zaizen Sousuke
Dub Name Stewart Vanguard
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 03
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Yūichi Nakamura
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Occupation Japan's Prime Minister
LBX: Hakai-O (Call Battle)
Musha (Ranking Battle No.66)

Sousuke Zaizen (財前 宗助) is the Prime Minister of Japan, and a Level 5 crossover supporting character from the Inazuma Eleven series.


He has a dark iris hair with long bangs that are styled in a point to the side. As the Prime Minister, he is only seen wearing formal clothes which consist of brown suit with a red necktie.


Season 1

Prime Minister Sousuke was first seen seen debating over the topic of new technology after promising to lead the country through it's new age after Kawahara, an associate of Yoshimitsu Kaidou, questioned his plans about the future of military defense based on LBX growth. That discussion revealed that Sousuke was mostly criticized for his young age and plagues doubt within the governmental figures for his youth and inexperience despite his victory. Sousuke retorts, regardless of implementing new technology, human nature must remain a factor in the decisions to improve Japan based on the words of a scientist he respects. Shocking the other Parliament members including Kawahara, he continues with the notion that as humans they are the ones who decides the military power and technological growth. His goal is for Japan’s citizens to realize the benefits and harms in order to prevent wars from occurring and promoting peace within the country. As a result, the youth can nurture while refraining from oppressing others through reckless power, disrespect, and force. His speech receives unanimous praise from the majority of his constiguatians and viewers with the exception of Yoshimitsu.

Kaido Yoshimitsu hired Jackal to assassinate him with the LBX Assassin, but Ban and friends was able to prevent the murder during his inauguration parade.

Season 2

Sousuke schedules a meeting with Eiji in order to

Danball Senki Wars

He appears in episode 34, conversing with Eiji Yagami about the global broadcast on Kamui Daimon, learning an astonishing result from Yagami's internal investigation of the Second World comittee.


  • Sousuke's first appearance occurs in the Inazuma Eleven series, another Level-5 series franchise. His standard position as prime minister is the same, while also showing his family; his only daughter, Touko Zaizen.
  • His role in Danball Senki to promote LBXs as the same in the Inazuma Eleven franchise where he promotes soccer, all the while defending the younger generations for the country.