Shirou Sadamatsu
Shirou sadamatsu
Media Info
Japanese 貞松 四郎
Translation Sadamatsu Shirou
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 26
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Akimitsu Takase
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Occupation Red Military Division Leader
Affiliation(s) Innovator

Shirou Sadamatsu (貞松 四郎) is the head of the Red Military Division for the Innovators in Danball Senki.


Shirou has medium sized, pointy hair, long eye brows, and a goatee. He often wears a red blazer with a black tie covered up with a red military jacket as part of leadership status in the Innovators.


Shirou is a proud and arrogant leader in Innovator. He serves Kaidou with intense loyalty and will fight anyone who dares to challenge his authority or gets in his way. Shirou also has a deep rivalry and hatred with Yagami, which escalates when Eiji starts looking into Kaidou's involvement in the Tokio Bridge Collapse Incident.


In episode 27, he finds out that Yagami has been searching for more information about the Innovators and tells "Kaidou", that this should be enough proof to imprison and stop Yagami. Kaidou complies, and orders the Red Military Division to search for Yagami. Yagami's mole even attempts to blockade him within a trap room and calls Shirou to intercept him at that location However, thanks to the efforts of Jin, Yagami manages to escape with the help of the Black Division Agents.

In episode 38, he commands a team to attack Kazu and Ami late at night. However, Kazu and Ami lead them into a trap in Blue Cats, where Yagami defeats his team's LBX to his surprise.



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