Shirley 01
Media Info
Japanese シャーリー
Translation Shaarii
Anime Debut Episode 26 (W)
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor Tomo Adachi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Active
Occupation LBX Player, Cosplayer
LBX: Kunoichi
Achievement(s) 2051 BC Extras Runner-Up (w/Hiro)

Shirley (シャーリー Shaarii) is an anime-exclusive character for the BC Extras side story in the Danball Senki W.


Shirley kinda wear Senshigirl which Senshiman's reliable partner. She seen Hiro as Senshiman during BC Extras Champion. Hiro describes that her costume was perfect, unlike when he scolded Yuuya about it. 


Like Hiro she has much knowledge of Senshiman, enough to memorize the dialogue word-for-word. Also, like Hiro she gets very wrapped up in Senshiman. For example, when she picked Hiro as a partner purely because he was a great Senshiman

Little Battler eXperience


  • Her favorite character is Senshi Girl, the heroine of the tokusatsu show, "Cosmic Hero, Senshiman".

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