The Seekers (シーカー Shiikaa) is an anti-terrorism organization where Ban Yamano and most of his friends join up in the first season of Danball Senki. It is formed by Takuya Uzaki to combat against the Innovators, and the organization's leader, Yoshimitsu Kaidou. The base is secretly located underneath the TokioSIA mall, where it is secretly accessed through the parking lot.
Season1 allseekerLBX
After the base's seizure by the Innovators in episode 16, the organization moved to its new headquarters underneath the Tiny Orbit main office building.

In Danball Senki W, all of the Seeker's operation halted after the final battle with Ren Hiyama. But then resumed to copperate as NICS's backup against the Detectors and the Paradise conflict then after.

Founding Members


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