Saki Kitajima
Saki kitajima
Media Info
Japanese 北島 沙希
Translation Kitajima Saki
Dub Name Sadie Navarro
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 01
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Akeno Watanabe
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Kojirou Kitajima (husband)
Occupation Kitajima Model Shop owner
Affiliation(s) Kitajima Model Shop
LBX: Kunoichi
Kunoichi 2 (Game)
Achievement(s) Akihabara Kingdom solo participant

Saki Kitajima (北島 沙希 Kitajima Saki) is one of the main support characters and the co-owner of the Kitajima Model Shop in the Danball Senki universe.


Saki has blonde hair covered with a red headband, and wears a crop-top.


Saki is very nice and supportive. She supports her husband, but her scatterbrained nature often does more harm then good. Underneath that ditziness hides a competitive and strong willed battler.


Season 1

In episode 10, Saki is surprised to hear that Jin Kaidou was able to defeat three opponents at once. When Kojirou agrees to train them, she warns the kids that if they can’t beat his Gladiator, they won’t make it far in Artemis.

As Kazu and Ami practice, they ask her and Kojirou if he will participate in the tournament. She responds that the tournament will be interesting but before Saki can give more details, Kojirou replies that it’s a secret. She gets excited about the tournament, forcing Kojirou to drag her away. On the journey to the Akihabara Kingdom tournament she and her husband run into Ban and friends. She reveals that she’s one of the participants in the tourney and that she’s a stronger battler than even her husband. Kojirou admits that’s true, but she’ll show a different side of her usual personality in the match.

Season 2