Riko Yazawa
Rico Danball Senki 2 HQ
Media Info
Japanese 矢沢 リコ
Translation Yazawa Riko
Dub Name Rika Yazawa
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 02
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Kei Shindou
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Student, LBX player
Affiliation(s) Seeker
LBX: Queen

'Yazawa Riko' (矢沢 リコ Yazawa Riko) is one of Hanzou Gouda's gang members and a supporting character of Ban's friends in Danball Senki.


Riko watches over the sidelines and cheer on Ban for his never-giving-up enthusiasm.


Season 1

Riko, Kinji and Tetsuo intercepted Ban, Ami and Ryuu to let them pass and see Gouda after Kinji informed them about his rivals. After they pose to Kinji's annoyance, Riko tells Kinji to stop his complaints. They challenge the three to an LBX battle and she throws the D-Cube for the jungle diaroma. She warns the "honor students" to turn back but they refuse. She promises if they win, they'll let him see Gouda. Feigning surprise by Ban's quick attack, her first attack reduces a quarter AX-00's life points. She taunts Ban’s LBX for not having an armor frame. Riko targets Ryuu’s Buld and uses Grace Missile to prevent AX-00 and Kunoichi from interfering. Together, the two destroy his Buld. She mocks Tetsuo for losing and marks Kunoichi to block her from reaching AX-00 and Mad Dog. Despite Ban and AX-00's improved compatitable play, Riko's team had the advantage with Mad Dog's invisibility, but they were defeated thanks to Kazu's timely arrival with AX-00 slashing Queen in a single hit and eliminating her from the battle. She runs away from the battle taunting them, which leads them back to Hanzou’s hideout.

She flees once

They reappear when Takuya scouted them to join Seeker.

Season 2


  • Riko has an lesbian admirer that goes to the school in the game. The girl claims that she only wants Riko all the way and is jealous of Hanzou since she sees him as a bad influence. After the final battle, the girl claims that she wouldn’t mind dating guys, but they “aren’t as cute as Riko.”
  • Her name is somewhat combination from two Love Live! characters: Nico Yazawa and Riko Sakurauchi.