Riding Saucer
Riding saucer white color
Model Info
Japanese: ライディングソーサ
LBX Type: LBX Support Unit
Brand Maker: NICS
Arnaments: Tiny Propellor
Affiliation/s: NICS
Anime Debut: Episode 17 (W)
Appears in Anime only

The 'Riding Saucers' (ライディングソーサ Ridingu Sousa) are flight-enabling, support unit for LBXs developed by Otacross introduced in Danball Senki W.


Its default appearance has black jet with white Cliped-Delta vertical tail wings, though there are color variations for personal models. It is an all-purpose unit made for giving an LBX higher mobility and battle terrain. Equipped with a main propeller and hover nozels, it can fly LBXs through both space and sky. With this, an LBX's sphere of activity soars to greater heights.


Formally requested by NICS, Otacross invented the Riding Saucers for scouting purposes and reconnaissance within higher altitude. Until the final battle of the Mizel arc, Otacross upgraded the Riding Saucers to the Riding Saucer II.

Variant Customs


  • They resemble the Sub-Flight systems of the Gundam series.

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