Ren Hiyama
Ren hiyama 29
Media Info
Japanese 檜山 蓮
Translation Hiyama Ren
Nickname(s) Lex (レックス)
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 01
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Hiroki Touchi
Personal Info
Age 28
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Takeshi Hiyama (deceased)
Mami Hiyama (alive)
Occupation Professor Yamano's Assistant
Bar Tender (outside cover)
Veteran LBX Player
Seeker Informative (former)
Affiliation(s) Seeker (former)
Innovator (former)
LBX: G Rex (Break Over)
Kabuto (temporary for Ban's training)
Ifreet (Break Over)
Achievement(s) Legendary LBX Player

Ren Hiyama (檜山 蓮 Hiyama Ren) is one of the support characters for Ban and his friends in Danball Senki. Later in the second half of the first season, it is revealed that he is mastermind behind the Kaidou android, taking the Innovator's plans for his personal vengeance. Thus, making him the true main antagonist of the series.


Hiyama has purple, spiky hair and usually wears a dark coat with a hoodie. He is medium sized for an adult and wears shades.

His outfit when working at Blue Cat's is akin to that of a bartender. He wears a red apron, vest, and dress pants.


For most of the series, Lex's attitude is that of a calm, supportive ally for the Seekers. During his "fight" against the Innovators, he usually gives secret routes to companies and assists Ban.

During the finale, it is revealed that Hiyama shot Kaidou Yoshimitsu, and was controlling Saturn's flight to N-City. His goal was to rewrite history by eradicating all major powers in the world. Lex believed that there was too much corruption in the modern world, and resorted to drastic measures to achieve his goals.


Season 1

He runs a coffee shop in Mysore called "Blue Cats." It seems that he is aware of the contents of the briefcase given to Ban, as well as his father's work within the LBX world.

Lex is considered a legendary LBX player (so it says at the back of is hooded jacket). He taught Ban Yamano an attack function that he could use in Artemis, a tournament that he had also participated in with Gouda Hanzo. However, he and Gouda lost to Jin Kaidou. Jin stated that Lex didn't seem to take their battle seriously, and actually planned to lose.

From this point, Lex appears to be absent for a good majority of the season; occasionally contacting Ban, Takuya, and the Seekers. However, during the finale, it is revealed that he killed Yoshimitsu Kaidou, replacing him with an android that would follow his commands. Afterwards, he proceeds with his plan to destroy N-City, before being stopped by Ban. Ban convinces Lex that there is still good in the world, prompting Lex to rethink his actions and view of the world. Ultimately, Lex commits suicide by remaining on Saturn as it self-destructs, all while pushing Ban to safety.


  • "Humans are not beasts. Humans are not gods. Humans should question what is means to be human. Exactly what is "man" here for? Humans that have become too smart, and have started controlling and ruling the world, as if they were gods. Humans who obtain great power devour the weak and pay no mind to their acts of cruelty, as if they were beasts. At some point, those people who progressed too far forget what is like to be human. I wanted the world to think about this, about the way humans should be." - Lex's message to the world.

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