Reina Mito
Reina Mito Episode 22
Media Info
Japanese 美都玲奈
Translation Mito Reina
Game Debut Danball Senki Wars
Anime Debut Episode 01 (Wars)
Appears in Game, Anime, TCG, Manga
Voice Actor Yu Shimamura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Eisuke Mito (Father)
Occupation Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy Teacher, Jenock commander
Affiliation(s) Jenock Faction

Reina Mito (美都 玲奈 Mito Reina) is the homeroom teacher of Arata's class in the Danball Senki Wars series.


Mito has brown hair and black eyes. Her front hair is long. She is wearing a black jacket with a tie and a skirt with boots.


Arrival on the Battlefield

She first appeared in Episode 1 when she introduced Arata and Hikaru to class 2-5. After class ended, Arata wondered why Ayabe is in this school, Mito said he is an exception. She came to lead Arata and Hikaru to the control pod room.
On their way she explained War Time and Second World to them. After they arrived in the control pod room she assigned Arata and Hikaru to members of the First Platoon under the command of Haruki. She ordered the First Platoon to enter their control pods. While their LBXs were being transported, Mito explained Operation Seize Oasis 3 to the three.


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