Quest Line 05 contains Quests 18 and 19.

Quest 18 Guide:

Accept the Quest.

  • Go to Country A.
  • Go to N City
  • Go to the Park.
  • Follow the road, go over the bridge.
  • Before you turn right to follow the road in the background you will see Kousuke .
  • Talk to him.
  • After that go to London.
  • There go to the Clock Tower, fight yourself thorough the dungeon.
  • After the dungeon turn right and before the turn to the left talk with the man in blue.
  • Then go to Australia.
  • There head to the Underwater Museum.
  • Here in the right upper corner, next to the ship talk to the man in suit.
  • After that, go back to Tokyo.
  • Go to the Tiny Orbit building.
  • Take the right corridor, and talk with the first woman in TO uniform.
  • Go to Country A.
  • There go to Omega Dain's HQ and talk to Kousuke.


  • Four Holy Beasts - Byakko
  • Unlock Quest 19

Quest 19 Guide:

Accept the Quest.

  • Go to N City's Park where you first met with Kousuke.
  • Talk and Battle with him.
  • Win the battle.



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