Quest Line 1 contains Quests 01 and 02.

Quest 01: I dropped serves as an introduction to the NICS Board in Danball Senki W.


Just like in the last game the first quest is required to advance the story.

  • After the ingame tutorial for the Board and after you spoke with the old man at TokioSIA, go back to Misora Town.
  • There go to Misora's Shopping District and get to Kitajima Model Shop, talk with Saki.
  • After that leave the shop and get to the left higher floor and around the middle where you can croos to the other side, you found a Burger Shop.
  • There you find a scientist and a worker in red jump suit, talk with the worker, after that he will disappear.
  • Go back to the Kitajima Model Shop and talk with Saki again to finish the quest.


  • 20.000 Credits
  • Unlock Quest 02

Quest 02 Guide

  • ​After finishing Quest 01 and accepting Quest 02 in the Board, go to TokyoSia's Park
  • There next to the TokyoSia Sign you will find a man.
  • Battle with him and defeat him.


  • 10.000 Credits


Now you have the necessary 30.000 Credits to advance the story. Go back to the old guy I talked about at the start of the Guide.


Video Guide

Danball Senki W - Chapter 2 Part 5 ★Lets Play PSP17:04

Danball Senki W - Chapter 2 Part 5 ★Lets Play PSP

Quest 01 Video Guide

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