Looking for Lost Items
Quest Info
Title Looking for Lost Items
Difficulty 3 Stars
Location Misora Shopping District
Quest Guide
Battle Festival

Looking for Lost Items is the 1st quest introduced in Danball Senki (PSP).


You will get this in the Kitajima shop as an introduction to the Quest BBS. Accept the quest in the menu. Leave the shop. Start walking south as if you want to leave area, but instead use the stairs on the left of the screen. On the upper floor, start walking north until you reach two boys who can be challenged as VS enemies standing next to 3 white boxes. Those are trash cans, go towards them and the middle one should give a question mark. Investigate it and you will receive a Broad Sword. Go back to the Kitajima Shop, next to the shop there will be a Diorama for the Call Battles, behind that there is a boy. Talk with him twice.


  • 7500 credits