Prominence Raid
Prominence Raid DS 44 7
Media Info
Japanese: プロミネンスレイド
Translation: Purominensu Reido
Dub name: Solar Prominence
Game debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 44
Type: Chou hissatsu icon Ex hissatsu icon
Attack power: 640
Range: Long Long range icon
Elements: Shock element icon Shock, Fire element icon Fire
Pierce element icon Pierce, Fire element icon Fire (W)
Status: Overheat status Overheat
Chance guage: Chance gauge icon 5
Attained: Ifreet LBXSet icon (W)

Prominence Raid (プロミネンスレイド Purominensu Reido) is Ifreet's exclusive attack function in the Danball Senki series.




Lex activated Prominence Raid in his battle against Ban and his LBX, Odin, while it was in its Inferno Mode. Ifreet shot several fireballs towards Odin, who was in its Extreme Mode, but it managed to dodge them all and flew towards Ifreet. Odin used its Retaliator and stabbed it into Ifreet's chest, disabling Inferno Mode and defeating it.

Function sequence

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