Otacross w01
Media Info
Japanese オタクロス
Translation Otakurosu
Dub Name Master Otaku
Nickname(s) Legendary Super Hacker
Master Otacross (cosplay name)
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 29
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Shuhei Takubo
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Occupation LBX player, Super Genius Computer Expert, Computer Tactician
Affiliation(s) Ota Rangers, Akihabara
Seeker, NICS
LBX: ZX3 Build 1
ZX3 Build 2
ZX3 Build 3
Perfect ZX3
Perfect ZX4
Achievement(s) BC Extras Semi Finalist(with Ota Red)

'Otacross' (オタクロス Otakurosu) is a support character for Ban and his friends, and founder of the Ota Rangers in the Danball Senki series. He is famous for his status as a "Legendary Super Hacker", that spreads the spirits of the Ota way.


Otacross is a short, old man with white hair, which is long enough to be brought back by his ponytail with a pink and white hair band. One of his eyes is covered by his hair, and his nose is covered too by his facial hair, which is almost equally as long. His beard is in a similar ponytail with the same kind of pink and white hairband that he has on his head.

He wears a scarf which has orange and yellow stripes, and wears a pink jacket with white stripes down the sleeves. He wears sweatpants of the same pink color, and he wears rather tall Geta sandals, and he carries a cane as well.

When in his "Master Otacross" cosplay from Episode 27 of Danball Senki W, he looks mostly the same, but now has an Ota Ranger style bird mask on his head, though his is green, red and white, with a gold cress and set of earpieces. On those earpieces, colorful feathers protrude, resembling a parrot.


Otacross has childish mannerisms and rather odd, almost obsessive behavior much like any otaku-type character would. He lives up to his name of the legendary super hacker by being incredible skilled in hacking, and is one of the best hackers in the world, and he is proud of that fact. Being out-hacked by another hacker greatly offends and upsets him.

He likes cute girls, both in general and for his figure creating hobby, especially Ami Kawamura and Ran Hanasaki. It seems that he doesn't prefer a girl that is hyperactive like Asuka Kojou.

Despite the lack of seriousness in his overall character and personality, there are times where Otacross gets passionate. During the Episode 27 of Danball Senki W, he teaches, rather harshly, Yuuya Haibara the lesson of how cosplay is meant for the cosplayer to show off something that they love, or else it's just an empty costume with no meaning.

In a later episode, when the main characters succeed in shutting down Adam and Eve on Paradise, Otacross talks to Kirito Kazama[1], explaining to him that he understands how he feels about how it might hurt to not be able to bring something you love back to life, seemingly in reference to the LBX he carried, Sakura✩0, to compare himself to Kirito's tragic case of trying to bring his girlfriend Amy back to life in the form of a robot.

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