Ota Silver
Media Info
Japanese オタシルバー
Translation Ota Shirubaa
Nickname(s) Otacross's disciple
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 16 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Akeno Watanabe
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Otaku, LBX Player
Affiliation(s) Ota Rangers
LBX: Bibinbird Silver
Bibinbird Chaos
Achievement(s) 2051 Artemis Finalist

Ota Silver (オタシルバー) is an additional Ota Ranger member from N-City in the Danball Senki W.


In Otaranger uniform, she wears her sentai-colored tracksuit with a long -tailed jersey while donning a handmade ranger helmet with an X-visor, beak-like mouthguard and owl-winged ears.




  • Ota Silver's design comes from the Super Sentai inspiration, as the Silver Ranger additional member.
  • Prior to her identity, her color theme is gray silver.

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