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The Akiba Sentai Ota Rangers (アキバ戦隊 オタレンジャー) are a super-sentai-themed, fictional group of otakus in the Danball Senki universe.


Founded by the legendary super hacker, Otacross, their goal is to fight off "evil" and end conflict disputes. Even so, they tend to use long-winded tactics on their opponents.


Otaranger full-team-pose
In summary, the group wears a specific track suit according to their theme color, whether it would be red, yellow, blue, pink, or black. The most notable of their outfits is their helmets, the helmets have a brown "X" mark on them with a yellow beak and wings on both of their sides.


In normal life, each Ota Ranger member resumes their respective normal personalities, When donning their alter-ego, they became much more confident with a strong sense of justice. They tend to get hyperactive in figure-of-speech when they act delusional repeating or paraphrasing off fancy catchlines. When the group gets together, their confidence is boosted and they perform group poses to either intimidate the competition.


Little Battler EXperience (LBX)

The Ota Rangers use the "Bibinbird" (ビビンバード) models, an original handcraft series developed by Otacross. Each member has the same model, but in different frame coloring that reflects their sentai-theme colors.


  • This team of sentai-imitation members resemble the Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, an unofficial sentai group focused around Akihabara otakus protecting their district with love and justice.
  • Both teams act similar in having delusional personalities in both alter-ego and real identity.
  • The Bibinbird models standard armaments are the gun-type weapons called "Bibinbird Gun", as contradictory Super-Sentai main arsenals.
  • For Bibinbird Gold and Silver, they carry different weapons in the similar sense that the Gold and Silver additional members are more skillful for the original team's assistance.
  • Ota Rangers are parody of Power Rangers and Super Sentai.

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