Ota Pink
Media Info
Japanese オタピンク
Translation Ota Pinnku
Nickname(s) Otacross's disciple
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 29
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Tomoko Nakamura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Otaku, LBX Player
Affiliation(s) Ota Rangers, Akihabara
LBX: Bibinbird X IV
Achievement(s) Akihabara Kingdom Best 4 (w/Black)

Ota Pink (オタピンク) is an LBX player from the Ota Rangers, a sentai-like LBX team trained by Otacross in the Danball Senki series.


In Otaranger uniform, she wears her sentai-colored tracksuit while donning a handmade ranger helmet with an X-visor, beak-like mouthguard and owl-winged ears.



Ota Pink arrives with the rest of her teammates, introducing herself to Ban Yamano, Ami Kawamura, and Kazuya Aoshima. After Ota Yellow's loss against Ami, she congratulations Ban's group as they enter into Otacross' location.

In episode 32, she returns with her teammates having entered into Akibahara Kingdom. In the quarterfinals of the match, she participates with Ota Black against Jin Kaidou and Kazuya Aoshima. Before the match, she makes a deal where she'd get Jin's phone number if they won. However, their own posing distractions proves to be their undoing as she narrowly avoids Proto Zenon's Break Geyser while Ota Black's Bibinbird V is defeated. Enamored even more by Jin, she drops her gun and Bibinbird X IV runs towards Proto Zenon. As her teammates attempt to warn her not to get carried away to no avail, Kazu takes the opportunity to eliminate her LBX with Hawk Eye Drive.


  • Ota Pink's design comes from the Super Sentai inspiration, as the Pink Ranger heroine type.
  • Prior to her identity, her color theme is pink.