Operation Seize Oasis 3
Operation Seize Oasis 3 Anime HQ WARS
Previous Mission None
Next Mission Escorting the Freight Train
Mission Data
Objective To Seize the Oasis 3 Strategic Base from the Rossius.
Allies Second Platoon
Third Platoon
Fourth Platoon
Fifth Platoon
Enemies Rossius Platoons
Location Second World, Oasis 3
Media Duration
Game Debut Danball Senki Wars
Mission Start (Anime) Episode 01 (Wars)
Mission End (Anime) Episode 01 (Wars)

Operation Seize Oasis 3 (オアシス3攻略作戦) is one of the operations set up during War Time in Second World in Danball Senki Wars.

Mission Debriefing

Wars mission01

"Today's mission target is to attack Rossius' strategic base, Oasis 3. Our troops will aim for the base's 3 entrances and charge in simultaneously. However, the attacks on the 1st and 2nd gate are the diversions, while the platoon attack on the 3rd gate will be our priority."


Arrival on the Battlefield

Haruki Izumo commands the newcomers Arata Sena and Hikaru Hoshihara in their first operations, and their first time being in the First Platoon. Though due to being new, they did not listen to Haruki and still thought of this as being a 'tournament' in which Arata and Hikaru fought on their own. Haruki demanded both of them listen, and this isn't a tournament, which ended up in Arata damaging his DC Offenser's hands, while Hikaru kept on attacking on his own, still treating everything like a tournament.


In the end, since their main goal was just to distract the Rossius nation from the main gate (3rd gate) to their position (which is the 1st gate), they succeded and captured Oasis 3.

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