Omega Dain (オメガダイン) is L-City's LBX administrative organization, established by the world's premier LBX brand makers in the Danball Senki universe.


Omega dain
When the LBX models were restocked, Omega Dain was founded with the hopes of creating LBX-installed equipment with safety protocols to follow the determined LBX battle regulations. The most probable equipment would be the M Chips installed into the core skeletons, where they automatically function to halt all LBXs due to CCM connection errors. However due to its connections with Crystar Ingram, there are also plenty of dark rumors the organization can't suppress.

The dark rumors are proven true as explained by the Detector masked man in W-Episode 29. With his identity revealed to be Junichirou Yamano, he explains that all the Detector's terrorism were to counteract against the true enemy, Omega Dain itself. Their motives unclear but to use the communications satellite, Paradise to implement their ambitions


List of Manufactured LBXs


  • Both antagonist groups, Omega Dain and Protocol Omega from the Inazuma Eleven series have the greek alphabet, "Omega" in it.

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