N City in Danball Senki

Nation-A (A国) is the North American continent of the Danball Senki universe, and future setting for Danball Senki W.


In the first season, it held an international Group Summit where all the world's leaders would gather for a peace conference. When Lex's true nature was revealed, he intended to use the Innovator's Project Fairy Tail for his vengeful objective to drop Saturn onto the summit and destroy all the world leaders with one kill. But that plan failed, as Ban and the Seekers were able to intercept Saturn in time to self-destruct it in the sky along with Rex onboard.

In Danball Senki W, Ban Yamano travelled to the nation's N-City (Nシティ) with Hiro Oozora and Ran Hanasaki, to acompany NICS on their missions to stop the Detector's terrorism and find his missing friends.

Govermental Figures


  • Nation-A is a more abbreviated capital name for America.

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