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CCM Command "SET UP!"

The Multi Gimmick Sack (マルチギミックサック Maruchi Gimikku Sakku) is a new-generation of weapons equipment introduced in the year 2055 of Danball Senki Wars. They are multi-purpose packs stored on the back of each LBX unit, that can change its form and parts flexibly towards any battle situation.

In the game, it functions as multiple weapon sets to select from instead of the regular A and B weapon sets.

List of LBXs Packs

Weapon Name Lab Rank Type AT/DF Attributes SC Obtain Locations
Z Sword
4 Sword weapon icon 240 Fire element icon 4500 Sword weapon icon Lab Rank Level 5
Light Breaker
4 Lance weapon icon 240 Shock element icon 4500 Ranking Battle: Rein
Fuuma Kodachi
4 Knuckle weapon icon 240 Thunder element icon 4500 Knuckle weapon icon Lab Rank Level 5
4 Hammer weapon icon 240 Thunder element icon 4500 Hammer weapon icon Lab Rank Level 5
Z Sword 2
5 Sword weapon icon 260 Fire element icon 5500 Already Equipped in Yuno Kashima's Dot Phasor
5 Hammer weapon icon 260 Slash element icon 5500
Blast Sword
6 Sword weapon icon 280 Light element icon 6500 Story Events
Ranking Battle: Yuri
Honeycomb Spear
6 Lance weapon icon 280 Pierce element icon 6500 Glenschteim Missions
Fuujin Ken
6 Lance weapon icon 280 Shock element icon 6500 Glenschteim Missions
Raid Fang
6 Hammer weapon icon 280 Thunder element icon 6500 Ranking Battle: Zergei
Z Sword 3
14 Sword weapon icon 540 Fire element icon 14500 Ranking BattleVanessa Gala
Light Breaker 2
14 Lance weapon icon 540 Shock element icon 14500 Ranking Battle: Natsume Watari
Fuuma Kodachi Kai
14 Knuckle weapon icon 540 Slash element iconThunder element icon 14500 Ranking BattleSaki Kitajima
O-Hammer 2
14 Hammer weapon icon 540 Thunder element icon 14500 Ranking Battle: Aoi Sumeragi
Z Sword 4
15 Sword weapon icon 580 Fire element icon 15500 Ranking BattleHaruka Oozora
Hellsycthe 2
15 Hammer weapon icon 580 Slash element icon Thunder element icon 15500 Ranking BattleM. Gojou
Blast Sword 2
20 Sword weapon icon 800

Light element icon

20500 Under Ranking Battle: Hikaru Hoshihara


  • It's activated by the voice command "SET UP!, ???" on the CCMs.

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