Multi-dimensional joints

Proto I's specifications (multi-joints in red higlight)

The Multi-Dimensional Joints (高次元多関節機構 Koujigen Takansetsu Kikou) are one of the new LBX features developed by Professor Yamano introduced in Danball Senki W. Only the Ikaros models are known to be adaptable for this new function.


Back when Professor Yamano was a Tiny Orbit researcher, he discovered the function to that will make any LBX twist its joints at a 360 degree-angle. Within battle, any LBX stationed with this function can extended its battle capabilities for defense and counter-attacking, leaving almost no blind spots.

Proto I was the test prototype during its development time and stages. But the feature was ceased due to the case it was deemed impossible for any LBX's high-grade AI to support the complicated movement processes. This will make its only weakness that the function was not suited for extended time combat for its will put a large strain on the LBX's CPU, causing it to overheat.


It first debuted with Jack Gelato's Proto I, where it battled against Perseus, Elysion and Minerva. But was ultimately defeated by Σ Orbis following its unsolved weakness.

Known applicable LBXs

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