Mizel 01
Media Info
Japanese ミゼル
Translation Mizeru
Dub Name Mizére
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 43 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Kimito Totani (game)
Taisuke Yamamoto (anime)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased
LBX: Vector
O-Legion (personal)
Mizel O-Legion

Mizel (ミゼル Mizeru) is the mysterious antagonist in the Mizel Chapter arc in Danball Senki W. He is actually a virus program sent by Adam and Eve during the destruction of Paradise and entered an android created by Omega Dain


Mizel is android, who looks like a pale, slim young man of average height with green eyes. He has black, long hair, reaching down to his waist. He wears a white shirt and long, gray pants.

Mizel's 'True' form consists of teal/white hair, glowing skin, and several markings on his face. His hair is substantially longer, flowing freely from the top of his head down to his shoulders. He also has a triangular attachment on his forehead with a red dot in the center. His irises are red. He wears nothing aside from a white shirt with teal markings, bracelets, and anklets.


Mizel's personality is observant and calculative - seemingly lacking in regards to human emotion. However, he has proven to be cunning and mischievous; toying around with his enemies in order to showcase his power.

He believes that he must cleanse humanity of its impurities, and refuses to accept that any human could be above his intellect/reasoning.


Mizel's power comes directly from Adam and Eve, allowing him to control LBXs, computers, and other machinery. When he completely transferred his consciousness into O-Legion, he was able to make very accurate movement and move way faster than any high-spec LBXs as Mizel O-Legion, which results in having the fastest possible reaction time compare to normal LBX receiving inputs from the user's CCM.