Misora town

Misora Town skyview

'Misora Town' (ミソラタウン Misora Taun), known as Pacifica in the English dub, is located in Tokio, Japan; the primary background location of all the Danball Senki events. It is the local district neighborhood where Ban Yamano and his friends, students and supporters live.

List of Locations

  • Misora Shopping District: The local shopping district in Misora Town. The shopping district can be seen very often when Ban and friends go to Blue Cats Coffee.
  • Misora 2nd Middle School: Ban and friends' school.
  • Kitajima Model Shop: Owned and operated by Kojirou Kitajima and his wife Saki Kitajima, the Kitajima Model Shop is a place where most kids buy their LBXs and custom parts. A place where Ban and his friends regularly hang out and to battle.
  • Blue Cats Coffee: Owned by Ren Hiyama, it served as one of the Seeker's hidden, unformal base of operations. It is also where the Angra Visdas underground tournament is held.
  • Kasegawa Bridge: On the way to and from home, the Kasegawa Bridge can be seen in numerous episodes. It also was where Ban was first handed the suitcase containing AX-00.