Metamo game
'Metamo' (メタモ Metamo) is a self-automated robot in the Danball Senki series. It serves as a savepoint stationed in remote locations in the Danball Senki game world. Other than allowing to save game events, it brings other options such as Passwords and the Online VS. Battles.

In the W-season, 2 new versions of Metamo make an entrance. A Metamo-R that serves as the Duck Shuttle's computer pilot, and a Metamo-S that additionally serves as an online shop for the game.

In the WARS season, an assistant robot following its face designs were shown known as the Metazawa (メタ沢) series.


A hovering white robot shaped like an exclamation mark.

In Danball Senki W, the new Metamos appear the same but with robotic hands on the top side with blue line-coloring for the Metamo-R, and orange for the Metamo-S.


A Metamo-R makes its debut in the Episode 07 in the anime, programmed as the NICS's Duck Shuttle auto-pilot.

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