Masquerade J
Masquerade j
Model Info
Japanese: マスカレードJ
Romaji: Masukareddo J
Game No.: 017
Frame Type: Strider Framed LBX
LBX Type: Musketeer
Brand Maker: Yamano Handmade
Arnaments: Duel Rapier
Owner: Masked J
Affiliation/s: Seeker
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 20
Appears in Game, TCG

Masquerade J (マスカレードJ) is Masked J 's LBX. This LBX, is one of Yamano Handmade LBX. Its slim body along with its rapier, makes it looks like a Musketeer with a mask. Its dub name is Disquise


Masquerade J, have a slim body, like the other Strider Frame LBX. It have a orange body, with dark orange lining and some white color at the feet and the hand. The head looks like, it's wearing a mask.


This LBX was first seen at the 2050 Artemis final. Along with Masked J and this LBX was destroyed by Judge's attack, in order to protect Achilles from harm.


  • Duel Rapier (デュエル·レイピア)

Attack Function


  • This have a similiar name to its owner, Masked J.

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