Mami Hiyama
Mami hiyama
Media Info
Japanese 檜山 真実
Translation Hiyama Mami
Nickname(s) Dr. Mummy (Dr.マミー)
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 21 (W) (masked)
Episode 39 (W) (revealed)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Hiroki Touchi (disguise)
Chiyako Shihabara
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Takeshi Hiyama (deceased)
Ren Hiyama (deceased)
Occupation LBX player, Terrorist
Affiliation(s) Omega Dain, Paradise (defected)
LBX: Zeus (taken from Gardyne)

Mami Hiyama (檜山 真実 Hiyama Mami) is the true identity of Dr. Mummy, and revealed to be Lex's missing little sister in the final events of Danball Senki W's Paradise/Omega Dain chapter.


As Dr. Mummy, Mami is completed bandaged aside from her bangs and eyes. She has a golden collar around her neck as well as a large black coat (presumably Lex's, or at least in his style).

Dr. Mummy sits in a wheelchair for a majority of the season, but it becomes apparent that she is actually able to walk without assistance.

After her reveal as Lex's sister, Mami is seen with a dark purple jumpsuit, (which remains unzipped) high heels, and a black bra/crop top. She wears Lex's coat just beneath her arms, allowing it to dangle below her waist.

Mami's hair style is akin to pigtails, situated directly on her shoulders. The rest of her hair (including her bangs) are spiked. She has tan skin almost identical to that of her brother.


Mami is very aggressive, she is shown to do anything in order to achieve her goal of "avenging" her brother. However, she is also very intelligent, and easily capable of deception. Mami had the intellect to create the Killer Droid, as well as to trick Gardyne and Bishop into believing she was her deceased brother

During the finale of the Paradise Arc, Mami is shown to be mentally unstable. She claims that her only goal in life was to live out her brother's will by destroying/taking over the Earth. Once she is defeated, she actually tries to commit suicide, unable to deal with the fact that her ideology and perception of her own brother was, in fact, flawed.

Her methods of attempting vary depending on which iteration of the series the viewer has watched: the anime showcases her attempting to detonate a bomb, while the game shows a scene in which Mami points a gun at her own head.

In both versions she is saved due to the quick thinking of Hanasaki Ran, who kicks both objects out of Mami's hands before they can be used.