Warning WARNING: This page contains spoiler regarding future info as described in the anime and games. Be careful if you proceed any further.

The M Chips (Mチップ) are special CPU chips developed by the LBX administrative organization, Omega Dain.


In 2047, when the LBX models restarted on sales, it was required that every LBX model should have an M Chip installed in a core skeleton on sale. For future insurance to protect the LBX and its surroundings, the chip will receive halting signals broadcasted from any nearby master computer and force an emergency shutdown on the model's systems.


In Danball Senki W, the nature of the M Chips are further researched when the Detector started its country-scaled LBX assault. The Detector "brainjacks" the LBX by hacking into the master computer thereby shutting down the CCM signals, and hack into the M Chip's frequency and take control.

According to NICS's public investigation, the chip is regarded to be hazardous as its original function intends to be ineffective when trying to broadcast the halting signals themselves. It gives NICS deep suspicions about the dark rumors regarding Omega Dain from the official report requested by the government.

The dark rumors were true, after Omega Dain's true motives about the Paradise satellite were revealed in W-Episode 29. The M Chips receive the jacking signals transmittited above the atmosphere, allowing Adam and Eve to control the LBXS in range to the user's command.

After the conclusion of the Paradise events, Nation-A has made the public announcement that all M Chips are to be removed from all LBX models.