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Masaru Gojou
M. Gojou
Media Info
Japanese M.ゴジョー
Translation Emu Gojou
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 10 (W)
Appears in Anime, Game
Voice Actor Seiji Sasaki
Personal Info
Age N/A
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown brother
Occupation LBX player, Test Player
Affiliation(s) Crystar Ingram
LBX: New Egypt

M. Gojou (M.ゴジョー Emu Gojou) is a test player for Crystar Ingram in Danball Senki W. He helps Hiro and NICS defending Kairo during his vacation break.


His facial appearance white skin and brown hair with a curled bang, as well as a long face, a sharp nose and a huge smile.


He is normally calm and collected.



  • Like Sousuke Zaizen, Gojou's appearance figure makes a cameo appearance from the Inazuma Eleven series, another game and show produced by Level 5.
  • M. Gojou is similar to Gojou Masaru in terms of name and appearance (M = Masaru).

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