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Little Blue boX

Little Blue boX

Little Blue boX (リトル・ブルー・ボックス) is a Japanese rock band who perform the theme songs for the Danball Senki games and the TV animation opening themes.

Current Members

  • hie <Hisayo Inamori> (Lead Vocalist)
  • yui (Guitarist)

Former Members

  • Sou (Guitarist)
  • Youhei (Base Guitarist)
  • Yuusuke (Drummer)


  • The rock band name 'Little Blue boX': stands for LBX (the central point of the series) when taking out the capital letters.
  • Little Blue boX is the equivalent to T-Pistonz+KMC, the J-pop band who perform the theme songs for the Inazuma Eleven franchise.

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