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LBX card battle machine

The Card Battle Machines

The 'LBX Card Battle Game' (LBXカードバトルゲーム LBX Kaddo Batoru Gemmu) is a mini-game featured in Danball Senki (PSP) to Danball Senki Baku BOOST. It can be located in the Game Center on Misora Shopping District.

Each card has a rank that determines an LBX's level. C Rank lists level 30 or below, B Rank lists levels 31 to 60, A Rank lists between 61 to 100, and S Rank lists 100 or above.

Unlock Conditions

Danball Senki

  • Series 1 - 4 and 7, can be unlocked throughout the story
  • After clearing the game, your card storage increase with each new series unlocked. 100+ for Series 5, 200+ for Series 6, 300+ for Series 8, and 400+ for Series 9.
  • You must rest each day to unlock the new series (notified by e-mail), only after clearing the game once.

Danball Senki BOOST/Baku BOOST

  • Conditions same as above.


  • Press the PSP Triangle button to automatically change the fighting order at random.

Tips & Tricks

  • Double-Up the Drops after the fight to receive bonus cards.

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