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W-unlimited regulation

Battle Menu in Danball Senki W

LBX Battles (LBXバトル) are the overall social events in the Danball Senki storyline. They can only be conducted in Dioramas, modified versions of the Fortified Cardboard that made LBX models safe to play in the streets again. To ensure the LBX models are properly played, a set of rules called regulations were placed to automatically-record all victory results to determine fair-play.

In the games, winning a battle will result in item drops consisting LBX frame parts, weapons and battle items. (Parts in W, and Chips in Wars)

In Danball Senki W, it is revealed that Omega Dain, the LBX administrative organization distributes the regulations, and are conducted by the M Chip installed into every LBX. In emergency events should a connection error between the LBX and the CCM occur, they receive halting signals broadcasted by Master Computers in various locations and facilities to forcefully stop an LBX model from doing anymore excessive damage.

After the Paradise conlcusion, all M Chips were removed following the disolvement of Omega Dain, leaving all regulations rights to be suspended.


  • Standard Regulation (スタンダードレギュレーション):
  • Street Regulation (ストリートレギュレーション):
  • Unlimited Regulation (アンリミテッドレギュレーション):
  • General Regulation (ゼネラルレギュレーション): Rules standardized by official tournaments using various battle conditions.

Battle Select Menu

  • Start Battle (バトルスタート): Start the battle
  • Customize (カスタマイズ): Goes to the customiation menu
  • Party (パーティ): Your current party members selected
  • Diorama (ジオラマ): Choice of battlefield within free battles.
  • Retreat (たいきゃく): Leave the battle immediately
  • Status (ステータス): Check all statuses of LBX in battle. (excluded in W)

Battle Status

Some weapons and attack functions have extra effects that will give the slight upper hand during battle.

Icon Name Effect
Overheat status Overheat Results from fire attribute damages. Renders the opponent LBX to unable to attack or dash for a short period.
Stun status Stun Results from thunder attribute damages. Renders the opponent LBX immobile for a short period.
Freeze status Freeze Results from water attribute damages. Renders the opponent LBX immobile, until being hit by the other opponent's attack.
Jamming status Jamming All controls are temporarily mixed at random.
Camera block status Camera Block Obstructs the view screen temporarily.

In-Battle Items

Items that randomly pop-up during battle,

Icon Name Effect
Life recover battle HP Recovery HP Bar is largely replenished.
Bp meter battle BP Recovery Battery Meter is largely replenished.
Chance gauge up battle Chance Charge Fills the Chance Gauge meter by 1 circle.