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Kousuke Kamiya
Kamiya kyousuke w1
Media Info
Japanese 神谷コウスケ
Translation Kamiya Kousuke
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 38
Appears in Game, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor Kiyotaka Furushima
Personal Info
Age 17 (debut), 18 (W)
Gender Male
Status Active
Relatives Togorou Kamiya (father)
Occupation Abroad Student, LBX player
Affiliation(s) Innovator (left before [W] season)
LBX: Lucifer, Shadow Lucifer (under Detector), Liu Bei Phoenix (in game)

Kamiya Kousuke (神谷 コウスケ Kamiya Kousuke?) is a prodigical LBX player and one of the Innovators. He appears as Yuuya Haibara's replacement before the final battle in the Danball Senki storyline.


He is the son of Kamiya Tougorou. Prior to the start of the series, Kousuke had been studying LBX engineering overseas. He returned to Japan near the end of Danball Senki to replace Yuuya Haibara as the Innovator's LBX player. Not much else is known about his past.


Kousuke has long blond hair tied up in a ponytail. He has heterochromia - his right eye is red, and his left eye is a rich purple. He wears a rectangular eyepatch over his right eye. His arms have purple tattoos around them.

In the original series, he wears an off-white vest that's too short for him with a dark blue stripe going across his chest. He does not zip his vest up. He wears two layers of pants, each a different shade of purple with an excessive amount of pockets decorating the sides of his legs.

In W, he wears a black jacket zipped halfway. He still wears two layers of pants of different shades of purple.


Kousuke is a self-confident, narcissistic little brat who is always full of himself. He enjoys talking about beauty, the rules of the world, and claims to have been chosen by the gods. He seems to have an attachment to his daddy.

Despite his seemingly antagonistic nature, Kousuke has shown to actually be quite kind, as demonstrated in episode 39 when he purposefully led Jin and Ban safely to the place where Ami, Kazu, Gouda, and Sendou were being kept hostage in Kamiya Craft. He shows this offhand kindness again when he gives Ban the Eternal Cycler in episode 40.


Season 1

Kousuke first appears after arriving back from overseas to rendevous with his dad and the Innovators. He manages to discover Ami, Kazu, Gouda, and Sendou who infiltrated Kamiya Crafts with a scent, defeats all four of them, and keeps them hostage in the building. After Ban and Jin rescues Ami and the others and defeating him, Kousuke ungrudginly gives Ban the Cycler sample unit and leading them to an escape route through the trash chute, with a rude irony as treating them as trash. He fought against Ban twice. The second time they fought, he tore off his eyepatch which apparently let Lucifer go into a powered-up mode called Seraphic Mode. Despite this power-up, Ban and Jin mangae to defeat him, and knocked out cold by the explosion blast with Ami and Kazu carrying him back to the Eclipse.

Season 2

A year later after the Innovators, nothing is speculated about what happened to Kousuke after the final battle. He reappears as a Slave Player and fights against Jessica and Hiro in N City's subway using his Detector customized, LBX, Shadow Lucifer, trying to keep them from reaching the master computer that controlled all the rampaging LBXs in N City. Jessica and Hiro defeat him in three minutes rendering him unconscious again, and was later taken into medical custody by NICS.

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