Kirito Kazama
Kazama Kirito
Media Info
Japanese 風摩 キリト
Translation Kazama Kirito
Dub Name Kurt Byrant
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 02 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa
Personal Info
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Amy (girlfriend/deceased)
Occupation Omega Dain Test Player (former)
Tiny Orbit Test Player
Affiliation(s) Omega Dain (former)
Tiny Orbit
LBX: Deqoo OZ (Ghost Jacked)
Joker: Kirito Custom (Ghost Jacked)
Hakai-O: Kirito Custom (Ghost Jacked)
Fenrir Flare

Kirito Kazama (風摩 キリト Kazama Kirito) is Ban Yamano and his friends' new primary rival for the in Danball Senki W.


He has blond hair that covers the left side of his face and red eyes. He also wears a long-sleeve prison like shirt with the number 24 on it, red pants and black-white sneakers.

In WARS sketches, he is seen wearing the same type of shirt except the pattern was reversed from his original and had no number 24 on it. In addition he was wearing a black jacket. The rest was pretty much the same with black-white sneakers and red pants. His face was not really covered with his hair like his previous appearance


Nothing is known much of his past except that Kirito had a girlfriend named Amy. While Kirito was arriving late to their rendevous point, Amy was unfortunately killed by a sliding truck collision. Depressed and desperate to bring her back, he created an android replica of her except that her personality was robot-likewise. Then he was approached by Alan Worthen scouting him to be Omega Dain's test player to perfect a special LBX CPU, the Cylops AI. Hearing that the AI is applicable to give androids human emotions, Kirito accepts the deal.


Kirito first appeared at the end of episode two, inadvertently saving Ban Yamano and Hiro Oozara's LBX with his Deqoo: Kirito Custom, destroying the two G-Rex LBX in the process. After Achilles Deed disappears, Deqoo Kirito Custom throws it's axe sword at the master computer as he jumps out. Hiro thanks him, but Kirito replies that he came there to defeat Ban in a battle.

Kirito had managed to complete Cylops AI during his battle with Hiro, Ran and Ban when he meet NICS team in Paradise and trapped the mentioned three and himself inside a D-egg. However, Gardyne intervene afterwards and had his LBX Zeus to steal the Cylops AI from Deqoo Oz, making it break over when Zeus stabs through Kirito's LBX. Then it was all revealed by Gardyne that Kirito was just being used and that Cylops AI is only compatible with LBX even after completed, which leaves him in total despair as the android replica of girlfriend Amy, cannot have emotions, let alone acts as a human.


Danball Senki Wars

To recruit Kirito, he needs to be defeated first in the Under-Ranking Battles. After doing so, he will be available on the LBX Player List.

He will have the following information:

  • Level at Recruitment: 100
  • SC Cost: 100250
  • Specialty Weapons:
  • LBX: Deqoo OZ
  • Armor Frame Levels
    • Knight: 50
    • Strider: 50
    • Brawler: 100
    • Wild: 50

Hissatsu functions

Danball Senki Wars


  • The number 24 is his number fandom shorthand, possibly for counting each word syllable of his name when reading in Japanese.
  • Accounting for both game and anime, Kirito has a full set of customized LBXs each signifying a different frame.
  • Kirito's role in the manga is rather different from his anime/game counterpart: instead of being a test player for Omega Dain, he is an underling for Detector - additionally, there is no discussion of his past with Amy.