Killer Droid: Wyvern
Killer Droid Wyvenn001
Japanese: キラードロイド: ワイバーン
Romanji: Kira Doroido: Waibaan
Type Autonomous LBX Extermination Weapon
Affiliation(s) Omega Dain
Properties Target Analysis System
Diorama Capture Energy Field
All Range Beam Projectiles
Flight system
Long Range Laser Arm Cannons (x2)
Razor Blade Wings and Tail
Operator(s) Dr. Mummy
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 21 (W)
Status Destroyed

Killer Droid: Wyvern (キラードロイド: ワイバーン Kiraa Doroido: Waibaan) is one of the Killer Droid Series, Omega Dain's anti-LBX military developed by Dr. Mummy in Danball Senki W.


Killer Droid was developed under Omega Dain's president, Alan Worthen's orders for counterattacking the brainjacked LBXs under mysterious motives. It was built in a separate R&D experimentation room in Omega Dain, continuously under testing for its specs to reach maximum parameters, with Kirito Kazama as a test subject.

The first one was tested in the Brittania Clock Tower, where it confronted the Achilles Deed and later intervened against Elysion, Minerva and Triton and overwhelmed them in battle. It was eventually destroyed in its second battle against Σ Orbis, with its remains retrieved by NICS for evidence.

A second one was deployed by Dr. Mummy in the Future Hope, where it was confronted against Elysion, Pandora and Achilles Deed and later the rest of the NICS party. It was again destroyed by Σ Orbis.

2 more appear in Paradise's Adam and Eve control center. They individualy faced against Triton, Pandora, Achilles Deed and Jeanne D, Vampire Cat, Liu Bei.


Killer Droid's specifications makes the whole machine itself a powerful weapon. Its heavy armor structure is highly durable for both defensive and offensive attacks. With the arm cannons and beam firepower around its body, no opponents can evade its attack range.


  • Its creature appearance resembles the legendary winged creature with a dragon's head, a reptilian body two legs and a barbed tail.

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