Kazu's preferred choice of LBX customization are preferrably Wild Framed types with sniper rifles. In the games, Kazu has other types of LBXs painted in his personal army green color.


  • Warrior (ウォーリアー) is the standard warrior-type LBX produced by Tiny Orbit. It is one of the standard LBX series commonly used by beginner LBX players. It is his first LBX he ever had until it got demolished by Hanzou Gouda.
  • Egypt is an LBX that is practically a mind control device made by Kamiya that ends up making Kazuya fight Ban, but ends up losing and makes him regain his consciousness.
  • Hunter (ハンター) is Kazuya's third LBX. It was given to Kazuya by Lex and Uzaki for both joining the fight against the Innovators and to ask him to prevent the assassination of Prime Minister Zaizen in Episode 6. Its main Attack Function is Stinger Missile.
  • Fenrir (フェンリル) is Kazuya's fourth LBX. He received this during their battle against Hades, the information was transported and fully covered Hunter. Ota X was able to recover the data, send it's specifications to Tiny Orbit, and they were able to create the armor and frame with boosted specs.
  • Achilles Deed is Kazuya's fifth LBX replacing Fenrir. It was revealed that the model was in Kazuya's hands sometime after the TokioSIA rampage.

Game Exclusive

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