Kamui Island DSW Pic1

Kamui Island in the anime.

Kamui Island (神威島 Kamui Shima) is a location in which the famous Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy is located in the Danball Senki Wars series.

Outside Locations

  • Shopping District (商店街): - Noticeably the place isn't updated or refurbished when Arata Sena first arrives.
  • Kamui Town:- a town that's suppose to replicate a 1960's town scape feeling.
  • Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy - located on middle of the island. The known school and location why many skilled LBX players go here.
  • Duck Manor (ダック荘): - one of the four Kamui Daimon Student dormitories. It houses the Jenock, Porton and Harness students.
  • Seagull Park (かもめ公園):
  • Swallow Cafe (純喫茶スワロー):
  • Owl Library (古書店ふくろう):

Inside Facilities

  • Second World - Another 'Earth' is located beneath in this island.


  • Most of the outside locations' names are referenced after various birds.

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